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I got divorce papers (dissolution of marriage papers, whatever) from Mal's lawyer and I tore them up and threw them away. He is not killing my marriage like he killed Frankie.

I'm so angry with him. I panicked. Frankie tried to kill me again and then there was a gun aimed at me and someone died right beside me and I saw Mal act in ways he hasn't acted in years and I fucking panicked and now he's run off. When he married me, he promised to stay with me and now he's fucking up. I'm angry, but I'm not giving up. We can fix it if he would just come home instead of running away like this.

I get why he runs. He was kicked out of his home and for a long time he had nowhere. Which is terrifying, but it also means you aren't tied to any specific place. He always hated being inside for long periods of time because it's too confining. He likes to be out and moving. Of course he would run. When you have stability taken away, you move on.

Doesn't mean I'm not pissed off. And the pissed off is saving me from curling up and dying, so...all in all, this is better.

I am going to kick his arse when I do find him. After I barricade him in somewhere so he can't run off again.

Goddammit, Malachy, you see what you do to me? I love you, you idiot. Come home.
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